Career Exploration


Tgirlake the wheel. (We’ll prevent you from getting lost!)

Maybe you’re a recent graduate. Perhaps you’ve been in the same line of work for years and are looking for a change. Or you could be re-entering the Calgary work force after a hiatus.

AveNew Career Consulting can help you assess your values, interests, strengths and personality preferences to help you determine what opportunities will intrigue and challenge you. We’ll guide you through a detailed self-evaluation at the outset – an essential first step for anyone who is exploring new job options and forming new career/life goals.

In addition to in-depth discussions and targeted exercises, there are several online assessments that can be used to help you realize your unique qualities and tap into your potential.

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI and MBTI Step II in Calgary): We all have different personalities, strengths and ways of approaching tasks in the workplace. Myers-Briggs helps you determine yours. It also helps prepare you to collaborate with others who may have a different way of working.
  • Personality Dimensions c: This assessment reveals your personality temperament preference. This gives you insight into not only the types of careers that would be suitable to you, but also what kind of work environment or role that is compatible with your unique personality. In addition, you will have a greater understanding about your co-workers and an appreciation for how they may operate differently than you in the work environment.
  • Strong Interest Inventory: For years, this multiple-choice questionnaire has helped people discover the types of careers that may be suited to their interests. A detailed computer analysis will reveal a list of compatible careers based on a comparison of your interests and the interest of others who are satisfied with their careers.
  • Career Values Scale: The Career Values Scale determines the values and beliefs you hold dear. Finding a career and workplace aligned with these values contributes to job satisfaction and all-round personal happiness.