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What our clients are saying

Catherine B.

“AveNew recently assisted me to update my resume for a job I was applying for. Jill went the extra mile to get the actual job description and pertinent company background, allowing us to tailor the resume to include all relevant information. She was positive, friendly and very professional. Thanks to her efforts I obtained the position that I was applying for. I would gladly recommend AveNew’s services to any potential clients.” Catherine B.

Carolyn C

“AveNew’s enthusiasm makes one of the most stressful situations seem exciting and full of opportunity. Their sessions provided me with the necessary tools and resources to allow me to feel confident in my ability to choose a successful career path.” Carolyn C.

Susan L

“AveNew was extremely professional and her attention to detail exceptional. They did a lot of research while incorporating what I thought I needed my CV and resume to contain. The finished product was fantastic and helped in securing the right interviews with my targeted employers.” Susan L.

When your work is rewarding ours is too

AveNew Career Consulting is committed to giving Calgarians the tools and insights to find rewarding careers in today’s competitive job market.

It’s not just about jobs that pay the bills. It’s about work that inspires you to get out of bed and be your best.